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Ambassadors In Brazil

We have ten writers who were named AMBASSADORS OF LIB LIBRARY IN BRAZIL, they visited the Library and loved the project and we started a DOE ONE BOOK campaign in Brazil!

We are very happy with the engagement of all, we have a beautiful mission to collect 1000 books for the Library by October.

We believe that we will be able to exceed our goal of 1000, as we have received more than 500 books so far (270 of which are already in the Library and the rest are still in Brazil to be sent to Boston). We want to congratulate each of our AMBASSADORS, for us at Lib Library it is gratifying to have them by our side.

Get to know each one of them below.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-16 at 6.26.40 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-16 at 6.26.51 PM.jpeg
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