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A partnership with the writer Paula Perin


In this project, children experience a significant writing exercise, based on personal experiences. Children are led to write their first poem, following the intertextual principle of language. They learn to combine the words that rhyme and to understand all the processes and procedures involved in the act of writing, from initial planning to publication. We encourage the family to write together with the children. In the end, a wonderful experience.


A little about the creator of the Escrita que Transforma Project


Paula Perin is Brazilian, PhD in Linguistics from the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil, Master in Letters from UFCG - Campus Cajazeiras, Specialist in Teaching Portuguese Language and graduated in Letters from URCA. She is a member of the Study Group on Linguistics and Autobiographical Discourse (Gelda-CNPq) at the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil, and Creator of the Literature without Borders Project, on Instagram.


In addition, she created the Writing course Transforma®️.


She is the author of two children's literature books, “O sapquinho de Ditinho” and “O drone de Tonico”, as well as organizer of the “Escrita que Transforma” Collection.


Instagram: @ ppaula.perin


In this child writer project, children are encouraged to write their stories and those of their family in Portuguese and the Lib library helps with the publication of books.

Requirements to Participate:

  • The Project is only valid for Children residing in the United States

  • Ages from 8 to 12 years old (from 6 to 7 years old, you have to know how to write)

  • Being a child of Brazilian parents (mother or father)

  • Communicate  in Portuguese

  • The book must be in Portuguese (it can be Portuguese and English)

  • The release will always be done in the LIB library.

  • Books will be donated to the Lib Library

  • LIB library will not have any profit sharing

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In the afternoon to encourage reading, Lib Library distributes books in English and Portuguese for free to children, teenagers and adults. Our intention is to bring them closer to reading and then to Portuguese.

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